Culture, beauty, the famous Port wines and its wonderful countryside overlooking the Atlantic. A perfect combination

Discover Porto on an exciting trip that includes golf at the Estela Golf Club, located on a cliff overlooking the sea. Complete your experience with a visit to a typical winery of the city, where you can taste the famous Port wine. An unforgettable trip that combines culture, sports and gastronomy in one of the most charming cities in Portugal.

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Transfer to Oporto
Día 1

Transfer to Oporto

Arrival at Hotel in downtown Porto Accommodation at Casa de Huespedes de Quinta da Corte (maximum 8 people)
Estela Golf Club
Día 2

Estela Golf Club

Food in the field Free afternoon
Visit to Quinta da Corte Winery
Día 3

Visit to Quinta da Corte Winery

Homemade food at the winery Free afternoon in Porto
Porto Golf Club
Día 4

Porto Golf Club

Return to Spain
Día 5

Return to Spain

The Hotels

Porto Interface Trindade

The Hotel Porto Interface Trindade by Kavia, is a new hotel, with a sophisticated and cozy image.

It is conveniently located in front of the Trindade subway station, where all the lines meet, connecting to the airport, the Dragao soccer stadium and the Campanhã and São Bento train terminals: To the airport, the Dragao soccer stadium and the Campanhã and São Bento train terminals.

Casa Quinta da Corte

The house, which houses the guest accommodation, dates from the 19th century. With its old-style windows and shutters and its whitewashed walls that combine the colors of the surrounding greenery with the bright yellow of the sun, this old building seems to be alive with the souls of its former owners.

The fields

Estela Golf Club

The private and exclusive Estela Golf Club is one of the best and luxurious golf courses in Portugal. With a perfect climate for year-round golf, Estela is a links course, located in front of the Atlantic Ocean, in an environmentally protected area, with a breathtaking view, direct and exclusive access to the beach, ample spaces and an incredible service.

Porto Golf Club

The history of Oporto Golf Club is one of the longest and most interesting in World Golf. It is considered one of the oldest fields in continental Europe.

Oporto Niblicks was born in 1890 by a group of British gamblers involved in the port wine business. After 20 years, nine more holes were designed and in 1934 the complete 18-hole links course with par 73 was inaugurated.


Quinta da Corte Winery

[INCLUÍDA] A treasure of the Douro. Located in the golden triangle containing the most prestigious Quintas in the world, Quinta da Côrte prides itself on its unique personality. Treating its great terroir with the respect it deserves and using traditional methods updated in light of the latest advances, it produces wines with great depth of character. Its authentic style is eloquent testimony to a combination of great indigenous varieties and shale soils.

Visit to the city of Oporto

[INCLUDED] Porto is a coastal city in the northwest of Portugal, known for its imposing bridges and the production of port wine. In the medieval Ribeira district, narrow cobblestone streets are lined with merchants’ houses and cafes. The Church of San Francisco is known for its extravagant baroque interior, with ornate carvings covered in gold. The 19th century Palácio de Bolsa, formerly a stock exchange, was built to impress potential European investors.

Logistic of sticks

  • Collection of clubs at the player’s club.
  • Transport of sticks to the destination fields.
  • They will be placed in the buggies / carts when we arrive at the golf courses, along with the cards, all ready to start playing.
  • The player must not carry them at any time.
  • Sticks will be returned to the fields where they were collected.

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