Islandia. The Golden Triangle

Game of thrones, geyser, aurora borealis… Nature in its purest state, a field in the crater of a volcano. What more could you ask for?

Embark on a unique adventure in Iceland, where golf and tourism come together to create an unforgettable experience. For two weeks, you will enjoy the natural beauty and incredible golf courses of this stunning country.

With an itinerary adaptable to your preferences, you will be able to play five world-class golf courses, challenging your skills surrounded by breathtaking scenery. But Iceland offers much more than golf. During your days off, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Icelandic culture and explore iconic sites.

Discover erupting geysers, hike over majestic waterfalls, explore towering glaciers and relax in the warm blue waters of the famous Blue Lagoon. Each day will be a new adventure, combining the thrill of golf with the wonder of tourism in Iceland.

7 days/6 nights

Groups up to 40 people

Stableford Tournament




A possible plan…

…configure it to your liking

Arrival at hotel in Reykjavik
Día 1

Arrival at hotel in Reykjavik

Brautarholt Golf Club
Día 2

Brautarholt Golf Club

Food in the field Return to Reykjavik
Visit to the Blue Lagoon
Día 3

Visit to the Blue Lagoon

Visit to Thingvellir National Park Transfer to Geysir
Geysir Golf Course
Día 4

Geysir Golf Course

Geysir and the Strokkur Geyser Night in geysir
Gullfoss. The golden waterfall
Día 5

Gullfoss. The golden waterfall

Ferry to the Westman Islands Dinner at the pier. Typical Icelandic Dinner: Whale or Reindeer
Westman Islands Golf Club
Día 6

Westman Islands Golf Club

Return to Reykjavik Farewell dinner
Return to Spain
Día 7

Return to Spain

The hotels

Ion City Hotel Reykjavik

Boutique Design Hotel in the heart of Reykjavik City. The urban insight & communication of the 101 RVK area, sister ship to ION Adventure Hotel

Hotel Geysir

Hotel Geysir is a family-run hotel located at the gates of the geothermal area in the historic Haukadalur Valley and opened on August 1, 2019. The new building connects the existing services in the area and is designed with the aim of reflecting nature through the choice of the combination of materials. to the immediate surroundings. Hotel Geysir has 77 rooms and 6 suites.

Hotel Vestmannaeyjar

Hótel Vestmannaeyjar allows guests to explore the island’s stunning scenery while offering comfortable and relaxing accommodations.

The hotel provides direct access to the island’s fantastic hiking and birding trails, and also offers exciting activities and tours to help guests make the most of their stay.

The fields

Brautarholt Golf Club

Brautarholt golf course is located in stunning nature by the sea overlooking the city of Reykjavik.

Our ambition is to build a high quality golf course on the course with good virgin space around the fairways to give more space to the rich bird life in the area. We are a 30 minute drive from the center of Reykjavik.

Brautarholt golf course is among the top 100 golf courses in the world, 2019 – no 62

Geysir Golf Course

Geysir Golf Course is literally next to the Great Geysir hot springs area, approximately 70 minutes drive from Reykjavik.

The Geysir area is Iceland’s most popular attraction and is part of the ever-popular Golden Circle route, which also includes the neighboring Gullfoss waterfall and the ancient parliament, Thingvellir.

Westman Islands Golf Club

The Vestmannaeyar golf course is located on one of the Vestman Islands, a group of islands off the south coast of Iceland.

The golf course is located on an ancient volcano, it is a wonderful test of golf. Playing against a backdrop of volcanic walls; changing wind direction on the same hole and playing across the sea are features of golf at Vestmannaeyjar. The course has a reputation for having the best greens in the country.


Reykjavik City Tour

[INCLUÍDA] Reykjavik, on the coast of Iceland, is the country’s capital and largest city. It has the National Museum and the Saga Museum, which traces the Viking history of Iceland. The impressive concrete church Hallgrimskirkja and the rotating glass dome Perlan offer panoramic views of the sea and surrounding hills. An example of the island’s volcanic activity is the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa near the village of Grindavik.

Blue Lagoon

[INCLUÍDA] The Blue Lagoon in (Icelandic: Bláa lónið) is a geothermal spa located in southwestern Iceland. It is one of the most visited attractions in the country, where the steaming waters emerge from a lava formation. The hot springs are rich in minerals such as silicon and sulfur, and bathing in the Blue Lagoon is said to help people suffering from skin diseases such as psoriasis.1 The temperature of the bathing water in the lagoon’s swimming area is between 37 and 39 °C (37 and 39 ºC).

The Golden Triangle

Thingvellir National Park

[INCLUÍDA] Þingvellir (Thingvellir) is a historic site and national park in Iceland located east of Reykjavík. It is famous for housing the Alþing (Althing), the place where the Icelandic parliament used to meet from the s. X to the s. XVIII. There you will also find the Þingvellir church and some ancient ruins built in stone. The park is located in a steep valley formed by the separation of two tectonic plates, with rocky cliffs and fissures, such as the Almannagjá fault.

Geysir and Strokkur Geyser

[INCLUÍDA] Geysir and Strokkur geysers are one of Iceland’s great natural attractions. Geysir geyser gave its name to all the geysers in the world.

The Geysir, also known as The Great Geysir, is the oldest known geyser and one of the most impressive examples of this phenomenon worldwide. It is located in the Haukadalur valley, located on the Laugarfjall hill, where we can also find, 400 meters further south, the Strokkur geyser.

Gullfoss. The golden waterfall

[INCLUÍDA] Located at the eastern end of the Golden Circle, Gullfoss has established itself as Iceland’s most celebrated waterfall. In addition to being part of this popular tourist route, Gullfoss has conquered tourists and Icelanders for the power of its waterfalls and the impressive landscape they form both in winter and summer.

Logistic of sticks

  • Collection of clubs at the player’s club.
  • Transport of sticks to the destination fields.
  • They will be placed in the buggies / carts when we arrive at the golf courses, along with the cards, all ready to start playing.
  • The player must not carry them at any time.
  • Sticks will be returned to the fields where they were collected.

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